Adams Writes Letter on Wilbros To Gov. Deal

Toccoa attorney Alton Adams is appealing to Georgia Governor Nathan Deal regarding the odor at the Wilbros facility.

Adams, who is representing about 100 area residents in a federal civil suit against Wilbros, has written a letter and addressed it to Governor Deal.

He delivered that letter Thursday to AM 630 WNEG News.

In the letter, Adams called on the Governor to have the state act against the Rose Lane facility at the center of an odor controversy.

The letter said that the governor’s plan to make Georgia the poultry center of the world should not come at the expense of the health, welfare, and property of the citizens of Toccoa and Stephens County affected by the odor.

Adams said in his letter that the state should underwrite complete or partial funding for the facility needed by Wilbros in a rural area of a county.

He added that Wilbros’ owner Joe Wilbanks should be required, and the state should help fund, the purchase, installation, and operation of the latest equipment to turn the waste into fertilizer without adverse effects to the air and water.

According to Adams, residents affected by the Wilbros’ odor have rightly begun to wonder why there has been no support from the Governor’s Office or the EPD to deal with the problem.

Adams stated in his letter that he feels it is very clear that the Georgia Environmental Protection Division has no intention of stopping the odor, adding that the EPD knows and is aware that Wilbros has repeatedly violated and failed to comply with a December 2012 EPD consent order.

At a recent hearing in Stephens County’s civil suit against Wilbros, an EPD official said the agency was working on a notice of violation against Wilbros, but did not comment further.

In his letter, Adams also said that the citizens of Stephens County are convinced Fieldale Farms officials have the Governor’s Office and EPD in their pockets and that citizens believe the EPD is under pressure from the Governor’s Office and Fieldale Farms to keep Wilbros in business.

Wilbros uses chicken waste material in its composting process.

As part of his letter to the Governor, Adams included numerous statements from individuals about the odor and how it has affected them.