Animal Shelter Director Resigns in Toccoa

The Toccoa-Stephens County Humane Shelter is now without a director following the immediate resignation of Bob Citrullo.

Citrullo, who took over the post in August, turned in his immediate resignation on Monday and the shelter’s Board of Directors accepted it on Tuesday at a called meeting.

Shelter Board Chair Harold Andrews said Citrullo’s resignation notice provided no reason for his leaving.

As for what is next, Andrews says the bottom line is that the shelter must continue to move forward.

Andrews said in the short term, that means working with the remaining staff and others to continue to operate the shelter, which just opened at its new location in February.

“We have a shelter manager and a staff that is very capable and volunteers who will ensure that the operation does continue,” said Andrews. “The animals will be cared for. Adoptions will continue. Transporting animals out for adoptions by other shelters will continue.”

As for the long-term, Andrews said the search will now begin for a new director.

“We will be advertising in trade journals and/or locally for a director’s position,” said Andrews. “The job description is being developed. The salary range is being developed. We will be advertising in the immediate future.”

At Tuesday’s called meeting, the board voted to move ahead initiate that search for a new director .

Andrews said the board is committed to the vision laid out for the new shelter.

“Bob’s early expertise he exhibited in management contributed greatly to giving us a very special start and a good foundation,” said Andrews. “It will continue. Our mission is still there. It will be completed just as we laid out and we have a great, enthusiastic group.”

The board did not set out a timeline for having a new director in place Tuesday, but says it will do so as quickly as possible.