Appeals Court Upholds Canon Burglary Conviction

By MJ Kneiser, WLHR Radio, Lavonia

Clinton GarrettThe Georgia State Court of Appeals has upheld the conviction of one of two men serving time for burglarizing chicken houses in the Canon area.

38-year old Clinton Dean Garrett had claimed that there was not enough evidence to convict him of burglary and he took his case to appeal.

In April 2010, the owner of nine chicken houses in Canon discovered copper wiring had been ripped out from several of them. In all, over 60,000 feet of copper wiring had been removed from the chicken houses.

Police and Franklin County Sheriff’s Office deputies set up a nighttime surveillance and eventually caught and arrested Jason Bray and Garrett.

Garrett was convicted and sentenced in October 2011 to 20 years in Dodge State Prison for burglary.

In his appeal, Garrett claimed authorities had no conclusive evidence that he took part in the copper burglary.

At his trial, his alleged accomplice, Bray, told the jury he and Garrett carried out the crime and sold the copper wiring to a scrap metal recycler in Royston.

Investigators also produced receipts from that recycler recovered from the house where Garrett and Bray lived for the sale of copper wiring.

After reviewing the trial court minutes and the evidence, judges with the State Court of Appeals ruled there was sufficient evidence brought out at Garrett’s trial to uphold his conviction.

Garrett is eligible for his first parole hearing in 2019.