Bid Award Deferred on Hwy. 17 Widening Project

Officials said that the Georgia DOT is deferring the awarding of a bid for part of the Highway 17 widening and relocation project pending the completion of some additional paperwork.

Monday, the state’s Department of Transportation announced that the bid award for the southern end of the Highway 17 project, which is from just south of the Franklin County line to Scott Road in Stephens county, had been deferred.

DOT Spokesman David Spear said that the awarding of the bid was deferred because the DOT had not completed some needed internal environmental paperwork and documentation associated with the project.

Spear added that it is the hope and expectation of the DOT that the bid will be awarded within the next 90 days, once that paperwork is completed.

Seven bids for the southern end of the project were opened last month.

According to the DOT, the low bid received was from C.W. Matthews of Marietta, Georgia at a cost of about $46.2 million. The highest of the seven bids was $58.2 million.

Meanwhile, the second phase of the widening of Highway 17, which will encompass the northern section of the highway between Scott Road and Memorial Drive, was expected to go out to bid this month, according to a statement from DOT Spokesperson Teri Pope last month.

Spear said that the deferment of the bid award for the southern end would not affect the bid process for any other phases of the project.