Boil Water Advisory To Affect Part of Toccoa Next Week

Toccoa officials are letting some area residents know about a boil water advisory that will be in effect for part of the city next week.

The city of Toccoa Utilities Department says that a boil water advisory will take effect at 8 a.m. on Thursday, June 12 for the area located between the intersections of Tugalo Street and Prather Bridge Road and Orr Street and Prather Bridge Road.

Toccoa City Manager Billy Morse said the advisory will be needed next week once crews replace a fire hydrant on Prather Bridge Road, south of Falls Park Drive.

“We have a hydrant that has a mechanical problem and cannot be used and we want to replace it, so we are giving over a week’s notice to the public that we are going to have to shut off the water to replace the hydrant,” said Morse. “When that happens, a low water pressure situation happens in that area and the state requires that we issue a boil water advisory in that area until we can prove the water is safe to consume again.”

The advisory will only apply to about 93 households in areas including Summer Hill Apartments, Green Hill Condominiums, Oak Creek Circle, Falls Park Apartments, Shire Private Drive, and Orr Street.

Morse said the city also is putting a notice of this upcoming boil water advisory at each of the residences it believes will be affected by it.

For those in the listed areas that will be affected by the boil water advisory next week, Morse said the city advises people to boil the water for at least one minute after it reaches a “rolling boil.”

“Other than the short period of time that the water will be off to replace the hydrant, the customers will have water and can use it for bathing and flushing and that sort of thing, but if you are going to consume the water, we are advising the water be boiled first,” said Morse.

Morse said if all goes according to plan, the boil water advisory would be lifted on Saturday, June 14 after all of the necessary state testing was complete.

Anyone with questions should contact the city of Toccoa at 706-886-8451.