Cause of Clarkesville Fire Ruled Undetermined

State fire investigators rule the cause of the downtown Clarkesville fire back in March to be undetermined.

Investigators released the final report into the March 5 blaze on Thursday.

Clarkesville Fire Chief Jerry Palmer said he thanks the State Fire Marshal’s Office, especially Investigator Brian Smith, and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms, for their thorough and detailed investigation.

Palmer said they are 110 percent confident that every effort was made to find a cause.

The Clarkesville fire chief said that while there has been a great deal of anxiety over the length of time taken on the investigation, but he is certain that every possible lead and piece of evidence was examined very closely.

He also thanked Habersham County’s state senator, John Wilkinson, and its state representatives, Dan Gasaway and Terry Rogers, for being vigilant and taking an interest during the investigation.

Palmer said at this point, the town can focus solely on recovery with the investigation complete.

Numerous fire departments responded to the blaze that started at Sweet Breads Cafe on East Water Street, before spreading to other buildings.

Nobody was injured in the fire, but numerous buildings in the downtown Clarkesville square area were damaged and businesses destroyed as a result.