Change in Toccoa Utility Delinquency Policy Taking Effect Next Month

The city of Toccoa is moving forward with implementing a change to the city’s policy on utility delinquencies.

According to city officials, beginning on February 1, the city will shorten the amount of time before which a customer becomes delinquent on his or her account from 35 to 30 days.

City commissioners approved the policy change at a meeting on November 12.

The due date for a customer’s utility bill will still be 20 days after the billing date that is listed on the bill. But under the policy change, an account will now become delinquent and could be disconnected if not paid by the 30th day past the billing date rather than the 35th day past the billing date as has been the case.

Toccoa City Manager Mike Jackson said the policy change is designed to try and address issues with delinquent utility accounts.

“We are hoping that by reducing this period, it will have a positive impact on our outstanding delinquencies and get the payments in quicker,” said Jackson.

City officials have noted that people who are having trouble paying their utility bill or have other questions or concerns can contact the city’s customer service department to work out a payment arrangement.

Officials also say that a flyer will be going out in an upcoming utility bill to further note the change in the policy to the city’s customers.