Choice Bus Visits Stephens Co.

A bus visiting Stephens County shows Stephens County students the importance of graduating high school.

The Choice Bus visited both Stephens County High School and Stephens County Middle School last week.

Stephens County School Superintendent Sherrie Whiten said that the bus is designed to send a strong message to students.

“The purpose of the Choice Bus is to show our students the power of education,” said Whiten. “Once you walk into that bus, students are shown a short video. It is a very powerful video and folks are talking about how different their lives would have been had they made the choice to finish school.”

The county’s sixth, seventh, eighth, and ninth graders all went through the bus last week.

Whiten went on to say that it is important to reach students with this message at that age, rather than waiting until they are farther along in high school.

“The premise behind that is if you can get kids at that age to really be thinking about getting their diplomas because those are the ages that kids start to tune out or start to decide that they do not want to finish school,” explained Whiten.

Prior to this, the Choice Bus last visited Stephens County in 2009.

The Choice Bus is a learning tool from the Mattie C. Stewart Foundation. According to its website, the foundation was create to help educators, community leaders, and other interested groups reduce the dropout rate and increase the graduation rate by using relevant and effective tools and resources.