City of Toccoa Gives Website a Facelift

The city of Toccoa is unveiling a new look online.

Recently, the city re-did and updated its official website at

Kembra Landry with Main Street Toccoa helped work on the new website and said that while the address remains the same, the new site provides better accessibility to some of the site’s more popular information.

“Some of the changes that we are going to have or have already made including having a more welcoming homepage and (we will) have what are called ‘quick link’ buttons, which will cut down on time so visitors can easily find bill paying options, important documents, contact information, and more all on the homepage,” said Landry.

In addition, Landry said the new website is better organized, which also makes things easier to find.

“A site visitor can now look for zoning procedures, or applications for water, gas, or business licenses, service calls, and a lot of other documents under our document center,” said Landry.

The document center link is on the home page, added Landry.

Besides making things easier to find, Landry said the city’s new website takes some departments that once had their own separate web pages and brings them under the main site’s umbrella.

“Before we had a separate web site for the utility and police departments and now we have put everything under a ‘one-stop shop’,” said Landry.

Overall, Landry said the goal was to bring a more familiar and uniform look to the city’s website.

“Because it is now a ‘one-stop shop’, visitors can feel more secure in their web experience,” said Landry.

While the site design is different, the address stays the same.

People can access the city of Toccoa’s website at