AM 630 WNEG has a clarification on a story we reported last week.

Last week, we reported that the Stephens County Hospital Authority voted unanimously to join a health information exchange that Northeast Georgia Medical Center in Gainesville was starting.

Northeast Georgia Medical Center officials said they are just one of four entities that is considered a pilot organization in the health information exchange.

The other entities are Northeast Georgia Physicians Group, the Longstreet Clinic, and the Good News Clinic.

Together, those four entities have started the exchange known as “HealtheConnection.”

According to health officials, the health information exchange will allow participating providers to share medical information over the Internet.

It covers 19 counties in northeast Georgia.

However, officials with Northeast Georgia Medical Center said it will also have the ability to reach into four counties in neighboring states.

Those additional counties are Oconee County, South Carolina, and Cherokee, Clay, and Macon counties in southwestern North Carolina.