Corps Announces Some Camping Fee Changes

Fees are up at Army Corps of Engineers-managed campgrounds at Lakes Hartwell and Thurmond.

The Corps said that effective with the new fiscal year, which began October 1, all camping fees for sites with electricity service have increased $2 per night.

Corps officials did say that all other campsite fees remain the same.

At Hartwell Lake, the Corps said that camping fees for single sites with electricity and water hookups cost $24 to $26 per night, while double sites cost $48 per night.

Officials said the increase was the result of an annual assessment of camping fees charged by similar facilities in the area.

Corps Natural Resource Specialist Joe Melton said that every year the Corps is required to do a fee comparability study to ensure it is charging fees for public recreation that are in line with the costs of similar recreation opportunities offered by other vendors, such as state, county, or private campgrounds.

Melton said the Corps only increases fees as needed to stay in line with similar recreation opportunities.”

The Corps did state that Golden Age, Golden Access and America the Beautiful Interagency Senior and Access discounts will still be honored at Corps-managed campgrounds at both lakes Hartwell and Thurmond.

Campground reservations may be made through the National Recreation Reservation Service by calling 1-877-444-6777 or by visiting

For more information, contact the J. Strom Thurmond Project Office at 1-800-533-3478, or the Hartwell Lake Project Office at 1-888-893-0678.