County Leaders, State Ag Commissioner Take Ag Tour in Stephens Co.

Local and state leaders from government and business spend a day on the farm.

They went out for the annual Ag Tour on Friday throughout Stephens County.

The event was organized by the Stephens County Cooperative Extension Office and the Toccoa-Stephens County Chamber of Commerce.

Stephens County Extension Agent Forrest Connelly said it is great to have a large turnout of local and state officials to see how important and varied agriculture is in Stephens County.

“It is very important and they are aware of the importance of agriculture in Stephens County,” said Connelly. “It shows by everybody that is here today. We have the city here, the county here. Our state representative and senator are here.”

Friday’s tour visited three different locations.

They started at Seven Lakes Tarentaise, then went to Oak Valley Farm, then ended at Currahee Vineyard.

Along the way, the tour covered all types of agriculture, from cattle to poultry to wine.

Among those on hand for the tour was Georgia Agriculture Commissioner Gary Black.

He said it was great to hear about Tarentaise cattle and some of the other areas that make up the agriculture industry in Stephens County.

“It is just a wonderful time when the local community will reach out into the rural areas,” said Black. “Agriculture helps provide a quality of life for us and that is something we do not need to overlook.”

Black also said it is important to have local leaders on hand to reinforce the importance of the agriculture industry.