Stephens County to Maintain Mack Watkins Road

Following a request from residents on the road, Stephens County agrees to maintain a road that it apparently had maintained previously before it was declared a private drive.

At the August 13 Stephens County Commission meeting, a resident of Mack Watkins Road appeared before county commissioners and wanted to know why the county was no longer maintaining her road and why it had been declared a private drive.

The resident said the road had not been kept up and was now in very poor condition.

Following her request, county staff said they would look into the matter.

Tuesday, the issue appeared back before the county commission.

Stephens County Administrator Phyllis Ayers said the county looked into whether it was responsible for maintaining the road at one time.

“We could not find any records where anyone here currently has maintained the road, but there are four older public works employees who recall doing that,” said Ayers.

After some discussion, county commissioners unanimously agreed to maintain the road provided all needed legal documents were put in place to do so.