Currahee Club Director Visits Haiti

The managing director of the Currahee Club is back in Stephens County after a trip earlier this year to Haiti.

Andrew Ward went to Haiti early this year with two property owners at the Currahee Club, Ralph and Janet McDaniel, who are involved in setting up an air ambulance service in Haiti.

The island nation was devastated by a major earthquake in 2010 and is still struggling to rebuild.

Ward said he is struck and impressed by the simple way in which the people of Haiti live and get by.

“They are struggling to get through today,” said Ward. “It starts at daybreak and it ends late at night and the next day, it starts again.”

During the visit, Ward said he and the McDaniel’s visited local health clinics and hospitals as well as a Haitian orphanage.

Ward said they took toothbrushes, a soccer ball, and other items to the children at the orphanage.

He said that visit had a very profound effect on him.

“To see those children’s faces light up because they had a toothbrush and to see them kick this soccer ball around and this whole orphanage come to life with laughter when they have nothing, that was one of the most profound things to me,” said Ward.

Ward called Haitians a very spiritual people with great beliefs.

To read more on Ward’s visit to Haiti, visit and go to the “Currahee Club Blog” under Club Living.