Discussions Underway on New Toccoa City Pool

Toccoa city officials are starting to work on plans for the new city pool.

City Manager Billy Morse updated city commissioners at a work session on Monday.

Morse said that he, City Commissioners Gail Fry and Terry Carter, and Toccoa Planning and Main Street Director Connie Tabor have met with numerous professionals about the pool.

He said that those pool professionals have helped the city formulate a possible plan for moving forward.

“It is probably going to be best if we demolish the existing pool and bring in a new pool,” said Morse.  “The pool building, we would like to replace it as well.”

It will be in the same location, said Morse.

“We will incorporate some sort of play area in the pool for the younger kids,” said Morse.

Meanwhile, Commissioner Fry said that the new pool would be smaller than the one that the city has now.

“It will be basically three areas, the deep end, the ‘lap pool,’ and an area for handicapped and younger children,” said Fry, who added the shallow end will be able to entered without steps to make it easier.

City commissioners have also discussed including some sort of “splash pad” or play area at the pool.

Morse said that it appears as if the best option on that is to incorporate it directly into the pool, rather than build it separate from the pool.

“It is going to be a playground in the pool,” said Morse.  “The same water circulation system will treat it and that way you can have one system.”

The city has not put out a request for bids or gathered a firm cost estimate at this point for the project.

Morse said they are just starting the planning process and looking to get discussions started in order to move the project forward as quickly as possible.

Toccoa has budgeted up to one million dollars out of SPLOST VI for improvements and renovations at the Doyle Street Pool.

Voters approved SPLOST VI in November and collections will start next year.

City commissioners have expressed interest in forward funding the pool project in order to try and have it ready by next summer.

Morse said also that a group has expressed interest to city commissioners about taking over operation of the city pool.