DNR Releases Georgia Hunting Seasons and Regulations Guide

Area hunters can now take a look at the latest state hunting regulations.

The Georgia Department of Natural Resources announced last week that the 2013-2014 Georgia Hunting Seasons and Regulations Guide is now available to the public.

DNR Spokeswoman Melissa Cummings said the guide provides hunters in Georgia with a wealth of important information.

“We want to get people ready and get them this new information so they are ready for those seasons when they come,” said Cummings.  “The hunting guidebook includes a lot of things including things like bag limits, information about hunting licenses and wildlife management areas and what hunts will be available on those areas.  That part is especially important to everyone in their local areas, so they can look up their favorite WMA and find out what dates there are for various hunts on that property.”

The guide also includes changes that the state has made to hunting regulations.

Cummings said hunters are encouraged to always pay particular attention to that section.

“One thing that is nice about this guide is we try to highlight some of those things each year in the guide, towards the front of it, where hunters can find out what are the major changes coming up,” said Cummings.  “Some of those this year include a special opportunity turkey season.  It is directed towards youth and mobility-impaired persons; some dog-feral hog hunting opportunities on various public hunting lands, and then as well, some changes to the either-sex days for deer.”

As for getting a copy of the guide, Cummings said hunters can get one in a couple of different ways.

“The most accessible way for people will be online at our website, gohuntgeorgia.com,” said Cummings.  “If they prefer to have a hard copy of the book to keep with them, and a lot of people do, they can get those at any of our Wildlife Resources Division offices or they can go to the various license vendors throughout the state.”

Cummings said the DNR also encourages hunters to go online to www.gohuntgeorgia.com for other information on hunting in Georgia.