Doyle St. Pool Will Not Open This Summer

The Doyle Street Pool will not open this summer.

Toccoa-Stephens County YMCA CEO Robin Dake made that announcement on Tuesday.

Dake said that they regret that the pool cannot open this year.

However, she said two problems have come up that have forced this decision.

“One of the problems is we found two major leaks that we could not repair this summer,” said Dake. “In addition, the pump is not working and that is really the key. When the pump is not working, we cannot keep the water clean and the pump repairs have turned out to be much more complicated than we anticipated.”

Dake said that the YMCA apologizes for the situation.

She did say that the Y hopes that some other alternatives could be discussed soon.

“We are thinking about some different alternatives, not just for the YMCA but for the community in general, and we are looking forward to working with (city) commissioners to flesh out some of these alternatives,” said Dake.

The city of Toccoa has a management agreement with the YMCA for the Y to operate the Doyle Street Pool each year.

That agreement said that any decision to repair pool facilities other than routine maintenance shall be determined by the Toccoa City Commission on an as-needed basis.

In recent years, concerns have been raised by the city about putting a lot of money into the pool for repairs, considering its age.

Dake said that the city will determine what happens to the pool in the long-term.

“Ultimately, the pool does belong to the city of Toccoa, so it is ultimately the city’s decision,” said Dake. “However, the YMCA believes that this pool is a great community asset, whether it is this pool or another form of water recreation.”

Dake did say that the YMCA would like to be a part of those discussions about long-term plans.