Doyle Street Pool May Open Next Week After All

The Doyle Street Pool may stay afloat this summer after all and open next week.

Last week, the Toccoa-Stephens County YMCA announced that the pool would not open this summer because of a problem with the pump and leaks in the pool.

Monday, Toccoa City Commissioner Gail Fry announced that work had taken place in an effort to get the pool open after all.

Fry said it started late last week when she received a phone call.

“I got a call Thursday night from someone at Patterson Pump and they told us they would be willing to do whatever is required to get the pool running,” said Fry.

Fry went on to say that call led to a meeting the next day at the Doyle Street Pool to look at and work on the pump.

“They sent their top man from Patterson, who travels all over the United States and was just there for that afternoon,” said Fry. “He went in and got the pump going and we decided it was a valve.”

According to Fry, so far the valve and pump continue to work. In addition, she says that the city feels that the leaks were due to a crack near the top of the pool that could be repaired.

At this point, the city has drained the pool.

Fry said the plan today and for the next couple of days is to clean everything up and move forward to see if everything holds up in order to open the pool for business after all this summer.

“They are going to scrub it, finish pumping it, and fix the crack,” said Fry. “Then, we are going to fill it the next day and see what happens, see if everything works. Our goal is for the pool to be up and running on Monday.”

Fry cautioned that it is not a 100 percent certainty yet, but said they are hopeful the pool will open.

Other commissioners said they appreciate all of the efforts that have gone into the pool, especially Patterson Pump stepping forward with its generosity and contributions. Multiple people added that they could not remember a time that the pool had not been open for the summer.

Fry said she feels the pool is an important service to provide for children in Toccoa.

“We live in a community that is surrounded by water,” said Fry. “Most of the kids in this community get swimming lessons from that pool. That is a service that we need to provide for our children. If they do not get them there, a lot of these kids will not get them anywhere. They need the opportunity to have that, the pool to go in the summer and swim. A lot of the kids that go to the pool do not have anyplace else to swim.”

Fry went on to say that she feels the city needs to do work at the Doyle Street Pool in order to improve the overall appearance of the area.

She said it could look better.

“The fence was rusted,” said Fry. “The wall where you go register was rotted out. The door where you go in to enter the building was rotted.”

Fry noted that the city has already made some of those repairs, such as painting the fence, which have already improved the appearance.

In addition, Fry asked the city commission to grant permission for the city to purchase new chairs and umbrellas for people sitting at the pool, a request that city commissioners unanimously granted.