“Economic Development Council Held at NGTC”

“Economic Development Council Held at NGTC”

North Georgia Technical College’s Economic Development Department recently hosted its first economic development council. The meeting featured senior manufacturing executives and local school superintendents as participates.

Georgia Power Regional Community and Economic Developer Rope Roberts headed the group as they discussed the issue of workforce development in manufacturing in Northeast Georgia. Roberts says that he wants to help create a workforce pipeline for industries throughout the region. A key point of this goal during the meeting was a focus on a lack of awareness that may persist for potential workers.

The focus of the meeting was also to strengthening the bond between schools and industry in order to raise awareness of all of the possibilities that may be available to students within the high school and technical college environment.

NGTC President Dr. Gail Thaxton says that North Georgia Technical College is committed to providing for the needs of the emerging regional workforce through superior skill based education backed by lab technology investments for the classroom.

The NGTC economic development department plans to host a summit in October entitled “Where are my Workers?” That will, once again, focus on dealing with the need to increase the availability of skilled labor in manufacturing in Northeast Georgia.