EPD Continues to Investigate Wilbros Notice of Violation

The Georgia Environmental Protection Division says further investigation continues regarding the Notice of Violation it sent to Wilbros last month.

EPD Spokesperson Kevin Chambers said that the EPD has received a response from Wilbros in regards to the notice of violation sent to Wilbros by the EPD on October 18.

Details of that response have not been released as of yet.

In the October 18 notice of violation, the EPD alleged violations of Wilbros’ wastewater treatment permit including the failure to sample wastewater effluent and exceeding wastewater discharge limits.

The EPD said that those violations resulted in the facility being in significant non-compliance.

Because of that, the EPD said Wilbros was being added to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Quarterly Noncompliance Report.

The notice of violation asked Wilbros to submit any further explanations or corrective actions already taken within 15 days of receipt of the notice of violation.

The EPD said once it received that response, it would review all of the information to determine if further enforcement action, including monetary penalty, is warranted.

There is no word on when the EPD might make a final decision on the notice of violation.

Wilbros is already under a consent order with the Georgia Environmental Protection Division regarding previous permit violations.