First Baptist Church Donates Bus To Stephens Co. Senior Center

bus donationToccoa’s First Baptist Church donates a bus to the Stephens County Senior Center.

Earlier this year, Stephens County Commissioners had agreed to purchase a bus that the church was selling to use at the Senior Center at a cost of about $13,000.

However, the church has decided to donate that bus to the county rather than sell it.

Wednesday, the church turned over the title and keys to the bus to the county at the Senior Center.

The Rev. David Ritcey is the Senior Pastor at Toccoa’s First Baptist Church.

He said the church wanted to do its part to serve the community and help the county out.

“We decided that it would be a tremendous gesture to show that we are community minded and we have a lot of our senior adults that are involved in the (Senior Center) and we believe in the ministry that it provides for the local people and we just felt like it would be a great gesture,” said the Rev. Ritcey. “We presented that to the Deacons and it went up for a vote and they approved it. We took it to the church and without question, decided it was the thing to do.”

Stephens County Senior Center Director Lisa Thomas said the agency needed new transportation and greatly appreciates what the church has done for the Senior Center and the county as a whole.

“We had a van that was no longer usable, so we were down to just our 15 passenger bus and we have a much larger crowd than that, so this just means so much and this way, we can transport 45 plus and it will be great,” said Thomas.

Thomas went on to say that the Senior Center will use the bus quite a bit for a number of trips that the department organizes on a regular basis.

“We use it for offsite trips,” said Thomas. “We try to do a couple of trips a month at least and then we also have big trips throughout the year. We have a big Branson trip coming up. We are so excited about them donating a bus to us.”

Other county officials, including Commission Chairman Dean Scarborough and County Administrator Phyllis Ayers, were on hand to receive the title and keys as well and also thanked the church for its generosity in making this donation.

The county will have to spend some money to outfit the bus for use specifically at the Senior Center.