Franklin Co. BOC Working to Begin County Manager Search

By MJ Kneiser, WLHR Radio, Lavonia

The search for a new County Manager is starting to move forward in Franklin County.

Franklin County has been without a manager since last month when former manager Billy Morse resigned to take his old job back in Toccoa as City Manager.

Since then, Franklin County Engineer John Phillips has been serving as the interim county manager and there has been no direction from Franklin County Commissioners or their Chairman, Thomas Bridges regarding if or when the search process would begin.

At a recent work session, Franklin County Commissioner Clint Harper said it was time to start looking and time to put forth a calendar for advertising the position and hiring a county manager.

However, Commissioner Jeff Jacques countered that before any dates were set in stone, Franklin County Commissioners need to determine what criteria should go in the advertisement.

Jacques said the county should get a copy of the standard job requirements list from the Association of County Commissions of Georgia.

Bridges agreed, saying he does not want to be inundated with resumes from candidates who don’t meet the county’s criteria.

But Harper said waiting until the Franklin County Commission’s work session on October 29 to decide on criteria pushes even further back the time FranklinCounty is without a manager.

Ultimately, the Franklin County Commission decided to wait until its work session to discuss the criteria for a county manager.

The commission says it then plans to advertise the position through the month of November with a view towards having a new manager in place by the first of the year.