Franklin Co. Commission Briefly Discusses Animal Control Ordinance

By MJ Kneiser, WLHR Radio, Lavonia

It is unclear if Franklin County Commissioners will continue discussion about an animal control ordinance.

That is after they talked about the issue briefly at a day-long work session late last month.

Franklin County Commission Vice-Chair the Rev. Clint Harper asked for discussion on the topic, but only one local citizen who attended the meeting spoke up.

Nancy Chadwick lives in Brittany Harbor West in Lavonia.

She recently sent a letter to the commission complaining about dogs running loose in her neighborhood and asking the board to consider some sort of animal control ordinance.

Chadwick told the board last week that a leash law could save the county money. She also said stray dogs roaming free also presents a safety hazard for citizens, which she said she has experienced first hand.

Meanwhile, back in November Royston resident Fred Tolley told the Franklin County Commission that ever since hunting season began in September, he has had an ongoing problem with his neighbors who let their dogs run deer through his property.

Tolley said the dogs are impeding his ability to hunt deer on his own land, but after complaining to local law enforcement was told they are powerless to do anything about it because Franklin County has no animal control ordinance. Tolley called the issue of dogs running loose is a liability for the county’s farmers as well.

At that time, Franklin County Commissioners assured Tolley they would discuss whether to institute a county animal control ordinance at the annual day long work session in December.

However, during that work session late last month, commissioners did not respond to Chadwick’s comments and did not discuss the matter further.

Franklin County Commissioners also made no mention of whether they ever intend to discuss the matter in the future.