Franklin Co. Commission Debating Expense Reporting

By MJ Kneiser, WLHR Radio, Lavonia

Franklin County Commissioners cannot seem to come to a decision on whether to include an extra line item detailing their expenses on the county manager’s monthly financial report.

Last fall, the Franklin County Commission put a moratorium on travel expenses charged to the county after it was noted that one commissioner had spent over $10,000 on travel expenses and to pay for classes and conferences. 

For a time after that, the Franklin County Manager read the monthly expenses as a line item in his monthly financial report to the commission.

However, that was discontinued at the first of the year.

But at the work session, Franklin County Commission Chair Thomas Bridges pointed out that this year, the board had not agreed on how to address commission expenses.

Bridges says he feels like the commission needs to reach a consensus.

Franklin County Manager Billy Morse said commissioner expenses went over budget by 8 percent in Fiscal Year 2013.

Franklin County Commissioners Clint Harper and Jeff Jacques both said commissioner expenses should be put in as a separate line item in the monthly financial report.

But Bridges, along with commissioners David Strickland and Robert Franklin disagreed, saying the budget line items should stay as they are.

After more discussion, Bridges said no separate commissioner expense line item is needed and the discussion ended with no vote taken.