Franklin Co. Finalizes Millage Rates

By MJ Kneiser, WLHR Radio, Lavonia

Franklin County approves its millage rates for Fiscal Year 2015.

Last week, the Franklin county Commission met in a brief called meeting to pass the millage rates in four separate line items

For unincorporated Franklin County, the commission passed a millage of 8.140 mills and passed a rate of 9.287 mills for incorporated Franklin County.

They also approved a .25 millage rate for the Franklin County Industrial Building Authority.

All of those votes were unanimous.

Finally, Franklin County Commissioners voted 4 to 1 to pass the increase in the Franklin County School System millage rate.

The Franklin County School Board raised its millage to 18.618 mills, up 1.75 mills from last fiscal year to cover two supplemental packages for teachers and administration and other items.

Franklin County Commissioner Clint Harper voted against the increase.

Harper said he believes the Franklin County Board of Education could have tried to make up some of the revenue with more cuts in other areas.

During the public hearings, Franklin County Schools Finance Director Tom Porter said QBE austerity cuts in funding by the State since 2003 meant the loss of over $21 million in funding to Franklin County.

Porter said those cuts, coupled with the recession that hit in 2007, resulted in continued losses the Franklin County school system has not been able to recoup.