Franklin Co. Man Indicted in Fiancee’s Death

By MJ Kneiser, WLHR Radio, Lavonia

A Franklin County grand jury has indicted Brent Shubert for the murder of his fiancée, 33-year old Bonny Anne Cooner.

According to court documents released Tuesday, Shubert was indicted on one count of malice murder, one count of felony murder and one count of concealing the death of another.

On the first count, the grand jury concluded that on January 28 Shubert did, unlawfully and with malice of forethought, strangle Cooner.

Count two of the indictment alleges that Shubert did, while committing the felony of aggravated assault, strangle Cooner with a wire, which caused her death.

Under count three, the grand jury said Shubert intentionally concealed her death.

Cooner went missing in late January from the home she and her 12-year old son shared with Shubert in Canon.

An intensive search was launched to find Cooner that involved Franklin County Sheriff’s Office investigators and the Georgia Bureau of Investigation, as well as friends and relatives.

At one point, Shubert told CBS Atlanta that Cooner had been moody and acting strangely just before she disappeared.

On Friday, February 8, Franklin County Sheriff Stevie Thomas and GBI Agent in Charge Mike Ayers announced they had gathered evidence that led them to believe foul play was involved in Cooner’s disappearance.

That, Thomas said later, produced tips that led investigators to discover Cooner’s body the following evening down an abandoned well near her home.

Shubert was arrested several hours later in Anderson, South Carolina and returned to Franklin County.

He was denied bond and remains in the Franklin County Detention Center.

So far, no trial date has been set.