Franklin Co. Missing Computer Files in Accts. Payable

By MJ Kneiser, WLHR Radio, Lavonia

A computer file, containing all of Franklin County’s accounts payable records dating back to 2008, is missing from the computer used by former accounts payable clerk Rhonda Grizzle, who resigned last month.

Grizzle quit her job suddenly June 13 during a called meeting of the Franklin County Board of Commissioners in which it announced the hiring of Elaine Evans as the new county clerk after coming out of executive session.

At a work session recently, Franklin County Manager Billy Morse told Commissioner Clint Harper it was during that called board meeting that the accounts payable computer files went missing.

“According to our computer consultant, it is his opinion that it did happen sometime in the evening of June 13th,” said Morse.

“The day we had our special called meeting?” asked Harper.

“Correct,” said Morse.

Rhonda Grizzle had been one of more than 40 applicants vying for the position of Franklin County Clerk.

Angered that his wife was not offered the job, her husband, former Franklin County Commissioner Eddie Wayne Grizzle, reportedly complained to the board at the end of last week’s called meeting.

Grizzle told the board his wife was a top employee for Franklin County for the past 13 years, even bringing work home.

Morse said that they have had a computer expert working to retrieve the deleted files who has managed to recover some of them.

“He has had some trouble recovering fields, but he has been able to use what he called a server snapshot and has been able to recover all of the files that existed in August 2012,” said Morse.

According to Morse, work to recover the other files was ongoing.

After Tuesday’s meeting, Franklin County Commission Chair Thomas Bridges would not say who may have purposely deleted the accounts payable files from the office computer.

“I would think that would be according to the expert and he would give us an opinion,” said Bridges. “But I have no clue how they would determine that.”

However, Morse said he has made Sheriff Stevie Thomas aware of the situation.

“We have talked to the Sheriff about this, but I do not think it has risen to that level yet,” said Morse. “We have not yet determined what all can and cannot be recovered, but yes, I have spoken to the Sheriff about it.”

According to Morse, all of the accounts payable files are also on file in hard copy, but he has not yet decided whether to re-enter all of those files into a new computer folder.

No charges have been filed against Rhonda Grizzle and at last report, she could not be reached for comment.