Franklin Co. Rehires Beasley As E-911 Director

By MJ Kneiser, WLHR Radio, Lavonia

Franklin County will soon have Jones Beasley back as its E-911 Director.

Tuesday morning, Interim Franklin County Manager John Phillips offered Jones Beasley his old job back and Beasley has confirmed that he accepted it.

However, Phillips said a start date has not yet been nailed down.

“We don’t know yet as far as when that will happen,” Phillips said. “Some paperwork has to be taken care and we’re working on that right now. All I can tell you at this point is that we made an offer to Jones. Verbally, he’s in agreement, but we haven’t finalized that yet.”

Phillips said Beasley will serve as the E-911 Director only, losing the Emergency Management Agency Director position to another county employee.

“We felt this was the best choice for Franklin County,” Phillips said. “Lyndon Burgess will take over as EMA Director.”

Burgess is currently the Franklin County Maintenance Supervisor, but has also served as the deputy EMA director.

Phillips said Beasley’s salary will be cut from the $57,000 he was making before he was terminated because he will no longer handle the EMA job.

However, Phillips would not say what that new salary would be.

Beasley was fired on September 26th by former Franklin County Manager Billy Morse for allowing for county dispatchers to work past the six-month Peace Officers Standards and Training Council certification window.

Beasley said that all of those employees are now signed up to take the POST training.

“My understanding is all but one of those employees is now registered with POST to begin training classes,” Beasley said Tuesday.

Monday night, E-911 dispatchers petitioned the Franklin County Board of Commissioners to rehire Beasley.

Afterwards, the Franklin County Commission met in executive session for an hour where they discussed with Phillips whether to rehire Beasley, according to Franklin County Commission Chair Thomas Bridges.

Phillips said it was ultimately his decision to offer Beasley his job back on Tuesday.