Franklin Co. To Look At Leash Law

By MJ Kneiser, WLHR Radio, Lavonia

Franklin County Commissioners say they will take up the issue of whether to institute a leash law in Franklin County when they meet for a work session next month.

At last week’s regular meeting, Franklin County Commissioners heard from Fred Tolley, who owns several properties in the county in Lavonia and in Royston.

Tolley told the board that ever since hunting season began in September, he has had an ongoing problem with his neighbors who let their dogs run deer through his property. Tolley says the dogs are impeding his ability to hunt deer on his own land.

According to Tolley, with no leash law he has no legal recourse to force his neighbors to keep their dogs up.

He says trying to catch a stray dog on one’s property can leave a person open to a vicious dog attack or even rabies, if while out in the woods, an unvaccinated dog tangles with a potentially rabid wild animal. Tolley also points out unvaccinated dogs running deer also present a problem to cattle owners.

Furthermore, others point out that dogs roaming or running loose in the woods can easily be mistaken for prey and could be shot mistakenly.

After hearing from Tolley, Franklin County Commissioners said they would put the matter on their agenda for their December all day work and planning session on December 27.