‘Grace Period’ Over on Toccoa Yard Sale Ordinance

Toccoa city officials have said the grace period is over regarding the city’s new yard sale ordinance.

Beginning today, officials said the city will begin issuing citations for violations of the yard sale ordinance, which city commissioners approved last month.

When approving the ordinance, commissioners granted a grace period until today where there would be no fines or penalties for violating it in order to allow for the public to get accustomed to the new rules.

The city’s new yard sale ordinance prohibits yard sales on vacant lots, lots with vacant houses, and lots where there is a structure used mainly for any use other than residential purposes, like commercial properties and limits them to property where there is a house, apartment, or other structure utilized primarily for residential purposes.

The ordinance does include an exception for religious and charitable 501c3, non-profit organizations.  They can have yard sales on the property of the organization or at any other locations within the city with the expressed written consent of the owner of the property where the yard sale is being conducted.

In addition, the ordinance does not limit the number of yard sales a city resident can have at his or her home and it does not require a city resident to obtain a permit before having a yard sale.

According to city officials, anyone issued a citation for violation of the yard sale ordinance will have to appear in Toccoa Municipal Court as with any other ordinance violation.

The penalties also mirror those of other ordinance violations.

A first offense for violation of the yard sale ordinance will result in a $250 fine.