Hart Co. Man Arrested, Charged with Growning Marijuana

By MJ Kneiser, WLHR Radio, Lavonia

A Hart County man and is out on bond after being arrested for growing marijuana.

Hart County Sheriff Mike Cleveland said it happened last Wednesday when authorities received information about a growing operation on Barton Road, near the Goldmine Community in Hart County.

Cleveland said when his deputies arrived, they discovered about 25 pot plants growing on the property and inside the residence.

“They were small plants. It looked like they had only recently been planted,” Cleveland said.

The suspect, identified as 49-year old Mark Pruitt, was a driver for UPS.

Cleveland did not say how they knew the suspect worked for UPS, but said he was taken into custody while on the job.

“After we found the marijuana, our investigator called UPS and was trying to locate him,” Cleveland said. “UPS told us where he was. They said for him to leave the truck there and they would come and get it.”

Pruitt was charged with growing marijuana and taken to the Hart County Detention Center.

He was later released on bond.