Heavy Rain Causes Toccoa Sanitary Sewer Spill

Toccoa Water/Wastewater Department officials said that heavy rain caused a brief sanitary sewer spill in the city’s system on Monday.

The city reported that just before 12:30 p.m., personnel located an overflow from a manhole located just outside the fenced area of the Ward Creek Liftstation on Fernside Drive.

In an effort to minimize the overflow, the city said it went to use a vacuum truck to manually transport wastewater from the Lift Station to the Eastanollee Wastewater Treatment Plant on Rose Lane but by the time they got there, the overflow had stopped.

The city said the overflow stopped after about 30 minutes and totaled about 2,000 gallons.

Water/Wastewater department officials said that about three inches of heavy rain in a 12-hour period caused the two pumps to the station to be unable to keep up with the incoming flow, even though both pumps were running at maximum speed.

The overflow entered Ward Creek, which is a tributary to the Tugalo River and Lake Hartwell.

The city said there are no known water intake points within 20 miles of the spill.

City officials went on to say that all appropriate notices have been posted and the required testing regimen will start as soon as possible.

The city also said it is continuing work to find and eliminate sources of rain flowing into the sanitary sewer system.

Meanwhile, drier weather is expected today after downtown Toccoa received 3.84 inches of rain Sunday evening into Monday evening.