Hellenga Seeking City Seat

Hellenga Seeking City Seat  


Another Toccoa Citizen has announced seeking a seat on the Toccoa City Commission.

Evan Hellenga tells WNEG News why he has decided to run for the Post 5 seat. “I just felt honestly if you are not happy with some of the things that have occurred in the past, and you sit back and stew about it, and you have an opportunity to do something about it-I think you should do it.”

Hellenga is a graduate of Young Harris College and The University of Georgia, has served on the Stephens County Soil and Water Conservation District and the Toccoa Planning Commission, and is currently employed by GlobalTech Industries. He says policies and procedures are important, but a City Commission has to be more;”we’ve gotten too much negative publicity. I’m not talking about the radio station, or newspaper, I think some of the past actions have caused negative attention. I think Wilbros has caused negative attention that has hurt the city. I think the City Commission should be the biggest cheerleaders to promote Toccoa and spread positive news.”

Hellenga joins former State Representative Jeanette Jamieson in seeking a Toccoa City Commission Seat in November. Post 5 of the Toccoa City Commission is currently held by Ron Seib who has announced that he will not be seeking re-election. “Toccoa’s Home”; says Hellenga;”it is home to a lot of folks, too. Folks are struggling right now-not only jobs, but anywhere they can get relief. Toccoa is where I was born and probably where I’m going to die. So I care what happens.”

The last day to file to run for the Toccoa City Commission is Friday, August 30th.