Hospital Purchases Ultrasound Machine to Help Run PICC Lines

Stephens County Hospital purchases a new piece of equipment to help out some of its nurses.

Monday, the Hospital Authority unanimously approved the purchase of a small new ultrasound machine.

Hospital Administrator Ed Gambrell said the ultrasound machine will be used for helping patients who need PICC lines.

“That is a central catheter line that is normally inserted in a patient’s upper arm and it is threaded around a large vessel into the chest area,” said Gambrell. “With that, patients can be administered IV medication. People that need a repeated therapy every 12 hours or so, we can put the PICC line in and they do not have to get re-stuck each time. Some people have poor veins and this is a better way to get IV lines into them.”

Gambrell went on to say that this new machine will make it easier for the hospital’s specially trained nurses that are responsible for those PICC lines.

“They have been using a fairly old ultrasound machine that really is dated from a technology standpoint,” said Gambrell. “This one is much newer, much clearer, much larger, and will give a much better image to the nurse when she inserts the PICC line.”

The total cost of the machine is about $25,000.

Gambrell said the hospital will cover half of that cost.

As for the other half of the cost, Gambrell said the Stephens County Hospital Foundation will cover that.

“Stephens County Hospital Foundation does raise money through different efforts throughout the year and the Foundation wants to spend money it makes on equipment for the hospital and for the community,” said Gambrell.

Gambrell said the hospital appreciates the Foundation’s support, as well as the support of those who help the Foundation out throughout the year.