Humane Shelter Has Record Month

The Toccoa-Stephens County Humane Shelter has announced it had another record month for adopting and transferring out animals.

The shelter reported this week that it saved 116 animals during the month of November, surpassing its previous best month of 88 animals in October.

Humane Shelter Director Jeff Roberts said the shelter adopted out 50 animals, returned six lost animals to their owners, and transferred 60 to licensed organizations in Georgia and other states.

Roberts said the shelter is using any avenue it can to get the animals there exposure and find them new homes.

“We are aggressively trying to market all of our animals to adopters and other rescue groups in the state and even outside the state,” said Roberts.  “It takes a lot to get the attention of people.”

Those efforts also include using Facebook to get the word about the animals at the shelter.

Roberts said that Facebook is working very well as one strategy for promoting the animals.

He said for one special dog, “Hero,” Facebook helped find him a forever home.



Roberts said it started when Animal Control picked “Hero” up, suffering from a gunshot wound.

“We picked him up and had him examined,” said Roberts.  “We determined that it was a wound that with regular medical care, he would get well.  We went through the care, got him well, and then started putting him out on Facebook.”

Roberts said he received calls from around this area and the whole country about “Hero” before finally adopting him to a family from Pennsylvania.

Roberts said “Hero” and his new family hit it right off.

“The fact that when I brought ‘Hero’ out of his cage to meet them, he greeted them he had been in their home together and were long-lost friends,” said Roberts.  “I have never seen an animal initially greet people so well.  It was like a perfect match.”

The Toccoa-Stephens County Humane Shelter is located on Scenic Drive in Toccoa and is open from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. Tuesdays through Saturdays.

Animals at the shelter can also be viewed online at