Important Tax Deadline Today in Stephens Co.

Stephens County Tax Commissioner Dene Hicks said this week anyone who has not paid their 2013 property taxes in full needs to do so by the end of the day today or face penalties.

Hicks said that after the close of business today, 2013 property taxes will be more than 90 days late.

She said that deadline brings about penalties and more for those who have not paid their property tax bill in full.

“We will add the 10 percent penalty,” said Hicks.  “The interest will roll over again and go up another percent and we will also file the tax lien against anything that remains unpaid for 2013.”

The deadline was initially to be 5 p.m. Thursday, but county offices were closed Thursday in Stephens County, so the deadline was pushed back to the end of business today.

People can pay their property taxes in person at the Stephens County Tax Commissioner’s Office, through the mail, or online at

Hicks said after today, the Tax Commissioner’s Office will also finalize its tax sales for the rest of the year.

“We have tax sales coming up in May, June, and July and we will finalize the parcels that will be included in those sales,” said Hicks.

Overall, Hicks said the tax collection rate in Stephens County for 2013 is 95 percent at this point.

She said she is pleased with that.

“It is right on track,” said Hicks.  “It may be a little ahead of last year, but all in all, it is about the same.”

Anyone with questions about property taxes should contact the Stephens County Tax Commissioner’s Office at 706-886-4753.