Income Tax Deadline Today

Today is the deadline to file those federal income taxes.

They are due at midnight tonight.

Internal Revenue Service Spokesman Mark Green said that at this point, the agency recommends anyone who has not filed yet do so electronically.

“It is the best way to go,” said Green. “Of course, it would give you peace of mind that we have received your tax return.”

According to Green, the IRS will immediately provide confirmation that a return has been received when filed electronically.

E-filing is available online at the IRS website,

People can also file online to receive an extension on filing their income taxes.

Green reminded taxpayers that an extension is only for filing the return and that taxpayers must still pay any tax owed by midnight tonight.

Meanwhile, while today is the tax deadline, Green said there are always post tax-day issues to think about.

For example, Green reminded taxpayers to make sure they have kept a copy of their tax return for at least three years.

Also, he said that now is a good time for people to look at their tax withholdings.

“Individuals who generally have a tax liability every year and owe money, now is a good time to take a look at your last three years of taxes and make some adjustments on your W-4, have more money coming out to offset any tax liabilities that you may incur,” said Green. “In other words, have more withholdings taken out.”

Green said people who get extremely large refunds should also take a look at their withholdings to see if they can have less taken out for taxes over the course of a year.

He also said now is a good time to start a record keeping system for tax year 2014.