IRS Tax Deadline Less Than a Month Away

This year’s tax income deadline is less than a month away and the Internal Revenue Service is offering some tips and reminders for those who maybe have not done their taxes yet.

The tax deadline is April 15.

IRS Spokesman Mark Green said that the biggest thing he recommends is to file electronically if at all possible.

Green said that the IRS continues to see increases in the number of people using E-file and “Free File” at

“More individuals have filed electronically because they know it is fast, it is accurate, and in most cases, it is free,” said Green.

Green went on to say that for those who have not filed their taxes yet and are not going to do it themselves, be careful to ensure that this tax filing season is a safe one.

“Protect your identification,” said Green.  “If you are planning on using a preparer, choose wisely.  Choose one that is credible, knowledgeable, and accountable.  Do your homework.”

Safety is something Green emphasizes because he says that tax season does come with tax scams and this year is no different.

He said that there are a number of different scams out there targeting tax filers.

Green said that if someone thinks they are the victim of a tax scam, there are a number of steps they should take immediately.

“What we ask that individual to do first is file a police report,” said Green.  “The second thing I would advise is to contact the credit agencies.  The third thing is to contact us.”

Green said the IRS will then have the person file a paper return and the agency will conduct an investigation to ensure that the right person is getting any tax refund and to try to correct any issues that the scam created.

For more information on tax season or tax-related issues, people can go online to