Jarrell Issues Warning On Door-to-door Salespeople

Toccoa Police Chief Tim Jarrell is urging city residents to use caution when a door-to-door salesperson approaches.

According to Jarrell, the police department has recently received a number of reports from city residents about people heading door-to-door selling things like home security systems, carpet cleaning services, and other services or products.

Jarrell said the residents have told police on numerous occasions that the situations just did not feel right.

“We have followed up and talked with some home security system (companies) that informed us that they did not have representatives in the area selling home security systems,” said Jarrell.  “We have checked with our Clerk and no one has purchased a license to be selling door-to-door.”

Jarrell said residents who have concerns about a door-to-door salesperson should remember to check and see if that individual has a city license.

The chief noted that anyone doing business inside the city, even someone going door to door, must have a license to do so from the city.

“If someone does approach their residence in an effort to sell them a service or a product and they do have concerns as to whether it is legit, they can contact the Police Department or contact the City Clerk’s Office and ask if the person or individual representing the company has obtained a business license to be able to do so,” said Jarrell.

He said City Clerk Fredda Wheeler will be able to confirm if someone has obtained a license.

In addition, the chief said that if someone is unsure about dealing with the individual, they should contact police to come check out the situation.

Jarrell said the goal is not to discourage business, but to just ensure everything is being done appropriately and in accordance with the laws of Toccoa.

“We want to make sure that when people come out to do business inside the city limits of Toccoa, that they are doing business legitimately,” said Jarrell.  “We also want to make sure our citizens do not become a victim of fraud, theft, or a burglary.”

Jarrell also reminded city residents to safeguard their personal financial information.