Lavonia Police Announce Drug Trafficking Arrests

By MJ Kneiser, WLHR Radio, Lavonia

Lavonia Police have announced that they have broken up a major drug trafficking operation with the arrest of four people.

Lavonia Police Chief Bruce Carlisle said the arrests came recently after residents made complaints of drug activity at a house on 2nd Street that resulted in a lengthy undercover investigation.

“On Friday, March 14, Lavonia Police executed a search warrant at #8 Second Street,” Carlisle said. “The location had been the site of an undercover investigation involving the sale of crack cocaine and other illegal drugs from the residence.”

Carlisle said during the investigation, his undercover officers conducted controlled buys of illegal drugs at that house.

He said after that, his officers entered the home and found a large quantity of illegal drugs.

“Once officers entered the location, they found a good amount of crack cocaine inside the residence, along with money that had been received from the sale of crack cocaine from the residence,” Carlisle said.

Carlisle said police arrested Mario Turner and George Swinger, who lived in the home.

Both are charged with two counts each of felony manufacture and distribution of crack cocaine within 1,000 of government property and two counts each of possession with intent to distribute crack cocaine.

Also arrested was Tamari Walker, address unknown.  She was charged with one count each of selling and possession of crack cocaine.

Finally, police arrested Annavette McCurry, address unknown, and charged her with obstruction.

Carlisle said he is pleased to announce these arrests.

“This is considered a major blow to the drug activity in this area,” Carlisle said. “We will continue the efforts to ensure that drug dealers in the City of Lavonia are put out of business and all illegal drug activity is put to a stop.”

Carlisle said six minor children were living at the residence at the time the four were arrested and were taken into child protective services.