Lavonia Police Arrest Two for Rape

By MJ Kneiser, WLHR Radio, Lavonia

Two Lavonia men are facing multiple charges in connection with an alleged rape of a woman over the weekend.

It happened early Saturday morning at a home on Maple Street, according to Lavonia Police Chief Bruce Carlisle.

Carlisle said his officers first learned of the case when contacted by medical personnel at the Ty Cobb Medical Center emergency room.

“Police officers were initially contacted early Saturday by nurses at Ty Cobb Regional Medical Center in Lavonia,” Carlisle said Monday. “The victim had gone to the Emergency Room there for treatment. After interviewing her, officers learned she had been sexually assaulted by two men earlier that evening.”

While at the Maple Street home, Carlisle said the two male suspects dragged the victim into a bedroom where they raped and sodomized her.

Carlisle went on to say that 51-year old Phillip Jerome Hill of Spring Street in Lavonia and 44-year old Jeffery Wayne Rucker of Maple Street in Lavonia were arrested Saturday.

“After questioning, both were charged with rape, kidnapping and forcible sodomy,” Carlisle said. “The victim was taken to Harmony House in Royston where she was given counseling and treated by nurses.”

Both Hill and Rucker remain in the Franklin County Detention Center without bond at last report.