Law Enforcement Offers Holiday Home Safety Advice

Though Christmas Day is past, the travel holiday still continues for some and for some of those people that may still mean leaving town for a few days.

For those heading out of town after Christmas, law enforcement is offering advice to help keep your home safe and limit its chances of being targeted by burglars.

Toccoa Police Chief Tim Jarrell said it is very important that people who are leaving town find someone to at least check on their home while they are away.

“You need to get with a trusted neighbor or a family member and have them come by to check your mail and pick up your mail,” said Jarrell.  “You should leave a light on or have someone come in and leave different lights on.  Be careful about leaving your Christmas lights on all the time.  Those are not as safe as it would be to leave a porch light or to leave the light in your living room on.”

Also, Jarrell said that people need to make sure that all of their home’s doors and windows are secure.

“As Christmas lights have been put up and yard displays have been put up, a lot of times people will use extension cords or drop cords and run them through their doors and out their windows and will not allow their windows to be locked and secured,” said Jarrell.  “Doing that, all you are doing is leaving an open window for a burglar to be able to enter your home.”

Jarrell also said people should break down any boxes that gifts came in, put them in bags, and dispose of them properly.

He said people should not leave those boxes sitting out by the side of the road.

“If someone is going to be leaving right after Christmas to go see other family members out of town and those boxes are out, you are just advertising what is in your home to would be burglars,” said Jarrell.

Jarrell said another good piece of advice is to make sure all blinds or curtains are closed so people cannot see inside a home while people are away.