Local Crews Still Out Working Through End of Storm

Toccoa and Stephens County crews are also continuing to work as the storm moves out.

City Manager Billy Morse said that the city’s crews will be out this morning once again working to clear the city’s roads.

“We do the major roads and collector roads, the hills and bridges, the emergency roads,” said Morse.  “That is our priority.  We are working that.”

Stephens County Sheriff Randy Shirley said the same is true in the unincorporated parts of Stephens County.

“We have got to get the main thoroughfares and they will work to the secondary roads as expeditiously as they can,” said Shirley.

Crews also worked throughout the day Wednesday in Stephens County.

Overall, Shirley said the county fared very well Wednesday.

“I really appreciate the folks in Stephens County,” said Shirley.  “They, for the most part, have stayed home.  The ones that have come out have been very careful.  We have only had one accident (as of Wednesday afternoon), nothing really serious.”

He said there was one accident reported Wednesday in the Currahee Mountain area, but he says there were no injuries.

Morse said the city also encountered very few major problems during the storm Wednesday.

“I really appreciate the public for staying put, did not cause us too many problems on the roadways,” said Morse Wednesday afternoon.  “We did have a couple of minor accidents that we worked.  The fire department was quiet, which was a good thing.”

Shirley said he also wants to thank the community for coming together during this severe winter weather event.

“There have been some needs that have been met in the community, folks that needed groceries, wood to heat their homes, and the message got out and the community rallied together,” said Shirley.  “I am so thankful we live in such a giving and caring community.”

Conditions are expected to improve throughout the day today.