Local Vets Hear About “Huddle Up For Heroes”

Local veterans hear from a young man in northeast Georgia who is doing his part to help soldiers overseas.

12-year-old Christopher Edwards of Royston is the founder of the “Huddle up for Heroes” program and was the guest speaker at the monthly veterans’ coffee at the historic train depot in downtown Toccoa.

He said he started his program to help soldiers overseas in April.

“It is an organization I started to send care packages overseas to Iraq and Afghanistan,” said Edwards.

He went on to say that he just felt it was something that was important to do.

“I have just always had a heart and passion for the military,” added Edwards.

Items in the care packages include powdered drink mix, soap, shampoo, toothbrushes and toothpaste, small writing tablets, hard candy, and more.

Christopher also just finished traveling across the United States to help promote his program and talked about that to the veterans at the breakfast in Toccoa Wednesday. He says it was exciting to meet with veterans and talk about the program.

You can learn more about “Huddle up for Heroes” by going to their Facebook page. Search for “Huddle up for Heroes.”

They can also be reached by e-mail at huddleupforheroes@gmail.com and the mailing address is:

501 Jim Grizzle Road
Royston, Georgia 30662