Low Income Heating Assistance Applications Start Friday

The 2014 Low-Income Heating Energy Assistance Program will start taking applications this week.

According to Ninth District Opportunity, the elderly and homebound may begin applying for assistance with their home heating bills this Friday, November 1.

Local Ninth District Opportunity Community Resource Coordinator Stormi Darnell said that any elderly and homebound needing assistance should call the Ninth District office starting Friday.

“Everyone has to be 65 or older or they have to be completely homebound with a full-time caregiver,” said Darnell.  “Friday, they call our office in Toccoa and get an appointment.  We will give them a date, time, location, and what items to bring for that appointment.”

Under the heating program, the Georgia Department of  Human Services will help pay for heating costs for gas, electricity, coal, or kerosene.

One time payments will be made by checks issued to the home energy suppliers on behalf of eligible households.

Eligibility for the program is based on the income of everyone living in the home and all eligible households must be responsible for their home heating bill.

When applying for assistance, an applicant will have to provide verification of citizenship and verification of age for everyone in the home, verification of all household income received within the last 30 days, verification of Social Security numbers for everyone in the home, and the most recent home heating bill.

While Friday is the first day the elderly and homebound can apply, Darnell said the program will open to the general public on December 2, depending on the availability of funds.

“We get two allocations, one for the elderly in November and one for the general public,” said Darnell.

For more information, interested applicants are asked to contact Ninth District Opportunity by telephone at 706-886-0211 after 8:30 a.m. on the date of the program they qualify for.

No walk-ins will be accepted.

More information can also be found online at www.ndo.org.