Man Receives Life Without Parole in Lavonia Murder Case

By MJ Kneiser, WLHR Radio, Lavonia

A South Carolina man receives life without parole plus 20 years in a Lavonia murder case.

Superior Court Judge John Bailey handed down that sentence Wednesday to 31-year-old Caleb Fielding of Iva, South Carolina.

A jury convicted Fielding in November on murder and related charges in the October 2011 beating death of 87-year-old Jack Vaughn of Lavonia.

Before Judge Bailey handed down the sentence, Northern Judicial Circuit District Attorney Parks White called Vaughn’s sons and wife to the stand.

Jack Vaughn Jr. told the court his father’s murder had “destroyed his mother’s life.”

Vaughn said his mother, Dorothy Vaughn, still suffers physically and emotionally from the trauma of that day when Fielding showed up at their home on Bartson Street demanding drugs.

Dorothy Vaughn also testified before the sentencing and told the court she relives the events of that day every night and still has trouble with the use of her hand.

Vaughn Jr. said he was satisfied with the Judge’s decision.

“I think he deserves and belongs in prison for the remainder of his life,” said Vaughn Jr.

Meanwhile, Fielding’s father, Freddie Fielding, testified that his son was a good boy who got involved with drugs at an early age. While he said he was aware of his son’s prior criminal history, he said Caleb was not violent and should be given the opportunity of parole. However, Vaughn Jr. said that anyone who would hurt two elderly people in their 80s is a constant threat to society and should not be given parole.

In handing down the sentence, Judge Bailey told Fielding he was “disturbed” by Fielding’s aberrant behavior. The judge also told Fielding that he had not only ruined the Vaughn’s lives, but the lives of his family, including his wife and baby, and he would have to live with that.

After the sentence, Fielding made no statement and showed no emotion as he was led from the courtroom.

Jack Vaughn Jr. said he is grateful to local and state law enforcement for their help in getting justice for his parents.

Judge Bailey sentenced Fielding to life without parole on the charges of Malice Murder, Felony Murder, and Armed Robbery and then sentenced him to 20 years on the charges of Aggravated Assault, Burglary, and Aggravated Battery.