Martin Man Arrested After Losing Meth at Lavonia Bank

By MJ Kneiser, WLHR Radio, Lavonia

A Martin man is now behind bars, charged with possession of methamphetamine following an unusual case.

Lavonia Police Chief Bruce Carlisle made the arrest Wednesday afternoon.

According to Carlisle, 30-year-old Jeffery Wayne Cheek of Martin stopped in to Pinnacle Bank in Lavonia last week to speak with a banker about his account.

Carlisle said Cheek left the bank and later discovered he had made an unintended deposit of sorts.

“He actually went into the bank where he dropped the meth out of his pocket inside one of the bank officers’ office,” Carlisle said.

Not wanting to create suspicion, Carlisle said Cheek decided the best thing to do was calmly return to the bank.

“He actually came back to the bank twice saying he was looking for an object he had lost,” Carlisle said. “And he was recorded on the bank’s video.”

Having come back looking for his meth, or “object,” Carlisle said he was now on video and was told by the banker that she no longer had his quote, “object” but had given it to the police.

“After Mr. Cheek realized he wasn’t able to retrieve it and learned the police had his meth, he decided to go on the run,” Carlisle said.

Carlisle then issued a warrant for Cheek’s arrest on drug charges.

But then Wednesday, Carlisle said Cheek apparently decided it would be okay to call the bank and get some information about his account.

“The bank personnel was able to retrieve the number he was calling from and give it to the police department,” Carlisle said. “We traced the number to an apartment complex here in Lavonia.”

By the way, the bank has caller ID.

Officers were dispatched Wednesday afternoon to that apartment complex where they found Cheek and arrested him on charges of possession of methamphetamine.

He remains in the Franklin County Detention Center.