Missing Franklin Co. Woman Found Dead, Boyfriend Charged

By MJ Kneiser, WLHR Radio, Lavonia

Cooner (above)

The body of missing Franklin County woman Bonny Anne Cooner has been found and her boyfriend, Brent Shubert is behind bars, charged with her murder.

Franklin County Sheriff Stevie Thomas said the 33-year-old Cooner’s body had been found in a well Saturday evening off of Casey Road in Canon; not far from where Cooner and Shubert lived.

“Over the course of this case we had a lot of leads and interviewed a lot of people,” Thomas said Sunday. “We had information she may be in a well. We searched a number of wells and we got to this one last night. We shined a light down the well and this is where we found her.”

Thomas said that overnight Saturday, investigators obtained a search warrant that allowed them to use Franklin County equipment to dig out the well to remove Cooner’s remains.

Thomas said Cooner’s family was then brought to the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office where they were told of her death.

Cooner’s body was sent to the Georgia Bureau of Investigation Crime Lab in Atlanta for autopsy.

After recovering the body, Thomas said a lookout was placed for Shubert.

“One of the officers in Anderson observed a van matching our description in the parking lot of one of the restaurants. He ran the tag number and it was the vehicle,’ Thomas said.

Thomas went on to say that Anderson, South Carolina Police waited in the parking lot and called Franklin County authorities and their own SWAT team.

“As they were getting ready to a take down on him, they observed a male walking across the parking lot towards the van. They take him down and it was Mr. Brent Shubert,” Thomas said.

Shubert was arrested without incident and taken to the Anderson County Jail. Authorities said he will be extradited back to Franklin County in the coming days.

Shubert is charged with malice murder, aggravated assault, and concealing a death. Additional charges may also be brought at a later date. According to Thomas, Shubert is not talking to authorities.

Thomas thanked the GBI, County, local media, and citizens for helping them find Cooner’s body.

Shubert and Cooner lived together at his home in Canon, along with Cooner’s 12-year old son.

Shubert told CBS Atlanta he last saw Cooner on January 28th at home with her son. He said he left for work and later received a text from Cooner telling him dinner was ready, but when he returned home from work, she was not there. He said he went to bed and the next morning reported her missing.