Morse To Start in Toccoa Tuesday

Billy Morse will start back on the job as Toccoa City Manager on Tuesday.

That is according to an announcement Wednesday from the city of Toccoa.

Morse announced Tuesday that he was leaving his post as Franklin County Manager to accept the city of Toccoa’s offer to return as city manager.

Toccoa Mayor David Austin said they are glad to welcome Morse back to Toccoa.

“I think it is just a great thing for the city of Toccoa and our citizens and employees to have Billy come back,” said Austin.  “He did a great job when he was here and we are looking forward to him coming back.”

Morse replaces Mike Jackson, whom Toccoa City Commissioners fired earlier this month.

Previously, Morse served as Toccoa City Manager for more than seven years before leaving the post in October 2009 and being appointed about a month later to serve as Franklin County Manager.

He had worked for the city of Toccoa for 26 years overall, holding a number of positions prior to becoming city manager.

Morse said he is excited to return to the place where he worked for all those years and is also looking forward to working with the city commission that will be in place in January.

“I consider them all to be wonderful leaders for our community and I am looking forward to being part of the new direction those folks will take us in,” said Morse.

Under the terms of the employment contract agreed to by Morse and the city, Morse is receiving a base salary of $121,000 per year.

The agreement allows that salary to be reviewed annually.

In addition, the contract is for two years, though Morse must be appointed annually in January by the city commission.

If the commission chooses to terminate Morse prior to the conclusion of the two-year contract, the contract calls for the city to pay Morse through whatever time would be left on the two-year contract, as well as compensate him for unused and accrued sick leave, vacation time, paid holidays, and other leave earned.

Morse would not receive any severance if he voluntarily resigns prior to the end of the contract and must provide 60 days written notice if he chooses to resign, unless the parties agree otherwise.

Morse will also be able to count his 26 years of service previously with the city towards his pension, picking up where he left off.