Move Ahead on Sign Ordinance, Says Toccoa Planning Commission Member

A member of the Toccoa Planning Commission asked city commissioners earlier this month to move forward with an update of the city’s sign ordinance.

Kinloch Dunlap spoke to city commissioners at their meeting on April 22.

Dunlap said that the City Commission and Toccoa Planning Commission last met on the ordinance several months ago.

“Since that point in time, we have had another electronic sign installed in the city,” said Dunlap. “It does not comply with the existing ordinance. It does not even comply with the (proposed) new ordinance and the person did not even bother to get a sign application. So I would like to encourage you to see if you can get that ordinance back up here on the table and see if we can go ahead and get that in so that we can notify people in the city that there are regulations and they cannot just do anything they want to do.”

The two boards have discussed changes to the sign ordinance multiple times over the past few years, with the two boards last meeting together on the topic last September.

City officials said that work does continue on updates to that sign ordinance.

Dunlap also said that some members of the Planning Commission would like to see more enforcement of certain ordinances in the city.

Acknowledging challenges regarding manpower to enforce ordinances and the number of ordinances that have to be enforced, Dunlap said the city should look at perhaps employing additional help.

“Why don’t you consider hiring a retired police officer who has the right kind of training and knows how to deal with perpetrators and go out there and attack these many, many issues that we have out there that are not being addressed?” asked Dunlap. “People are not complying with our ordinances.”

Dunlap went on to suggest that whether such an addition is useful could be judged in part on whether that person pays for him-or-herself through revenues collected via fines assessed through ordinance violation citations written.